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dailyvamp's Journal

For the casual goths
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Welcome to dailyvamp

This community will focus on the casual gothic dress. Very similar to fruits fashion, except we are more on the darker side.

1. Every post must contain photos!

2. When posting, you must have a full body/half body shot of your clothes! You may post portraits, but as long as you show us what you are wearing.

3. Please be tasteful. We are not a fetish community.

4. If your clothes are a bit revealing, please put a sample of the photo, showing us this material or something of the like, before the cut and the rest of the photos behind the cut. There may be people who don't want to see such.

5. No rude comments about something that the person can't change.

6. Please, if you are wearing something too small for you, don't post it.

7. Be kind to everyone. If there someone who isn't playing nicely, please send one of the mods a message.

8. For advertising, please send one of the mods a message asking if it is alright to advertise.

9. No mall goths, please. Wearing a band shirt and tripp pants in unacceptable here.

10. You may post photos of things that you recently bought! If you found great clothing/accessories on sale or in a thrift store, please share!

THEME: Halloween. Show off your Halloween costumes, decorations, and even pet's costumes!
From October 13th-October 31st

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